Fjallraven Mini Is the Best Day Hiking Backpack

why kids like use Fjallraven mini backpack for day hiking

The Fjallraven Kanken Mini backpack is a miniature version of the famous Kanken pack. Originally designed for school kids in Sweden, the mini pack has evolved into an everyday carryall for kids. The design was originally created to “straighten out the backs” of Swedish school kids. But today, kids like to use it for day hiking, camping, and casual days out.

Best Day Hiking Backpack

The compact design of the Fjallraven mini backpack makes it ideal for day hikers, as well as traveling light. Its ergonomic shoulder straps and two grab handles make it easy to carry and are easy to adjust to the body’s shape. The main compartment is divided into two sections: one is spacious for clothes and other gear, and the other features a seat pad for your comfort. The Fjallraven mini backpack also features two exterior side pockets, one is zipped, and the other is a small front pocket.

The Fjallraven mini backpack for day hikes also features a spacious design and an easy-to-use carrying system. You can carry the backpack on your back, like a purse, or on your shoulders, and it has two shoulder straps, which is especially convenient for female hikers. This bag also features a reflective logo that is helpful when it comes to staying visible in low-light situations.

Durable materials

The Kanken No.2 backpack is made of rugged vinylon-F material. Its durable construction can withstand both dirt and wetness, and the zipped pockets can be easily cleaned. The Kanken No.2 has several useful features, including a laptop compartment and a padded seating area. Despite its modest price, it can be considered a good choice for day hikers and day travelers.

The Kanken is a great back-to-school backpack from Fjallraven. It comes in 39 different colors and features Vinylon fabric, which is durable and water-resistant. It features a removable seat cushion, extra pockets, and ergonomic correction. The reflective Kanken logo makes it easy to find at night. Another great backpack for day hikers is the Nine Trails backpack. It has a great design and is perfect for long and short hikes alike.

Blank label

There are a number of things to look for in a genuine Fjallraven mini backpack for day hiker. For starters, it should come in a transparent plastic bag with an adhesive label. If you do not see this, it is likely to be a counterfeit. Fake models lack this feature and have a poor print quality. A blank label will also have a few defects, like spelling mistakes. Some also lack the circular sticker.

The Fjallraven kanken mini also has a blank label on the outside of the pack. This label will give you the opportunity to write down any important information you might want others to know, such as your boarding ticket or contact information. This makes it easy to find your backpack if you are on the move. The Kanken mini backpack is also great for frequent travelers.


Fjallraven is committed to reducing their environmental footprint. And the sustainability of their products is one of their top priorities. This is one of the reasons they have chosen to use 100% biodegradable materials in their products. As a result, they have also used PVC-free and PFC-free materials in their day hiking packs and mini backpacks. For the sustainable version of their products, we recommend the Kanken.

To further reduce their environmental impact, Fjallraven uses environmentally friendly materials in their products. The company recycles most of its material and has strict policies against animal cruelty. The Fjallraven mini backpack is a water resistant backpack, and even features a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket. In addition, the company uses FSC-certified birch wood in the manufacturing of its backpacks.

The Fjallraven mini backpack is a lightweight hiking bag that can fit a modest amount of gear. Small travel backpack is perfect for day hikes. Its size and waterproof construction make it ideal for day hikers who don’t need a large bag. It also has many useful features such as a laptop compartment and a zippered pocket for cash or a book. The Fjallraven mini backpack is available in several different colors, ranging from black to yellow.