The Story Of Fjallraven Kanken Has Just Gone Viral!

The Story Of Fjallraven Kanken Has Just Gone Viral!

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is an essential travel tool for kids. You can use it for summer campers, outdoor enthusiasts, or day-to-day family traveler. For anyone looking to carry a multitude of items in a functional and attractive way, consider Kanken Mini Black. They are constructed from the finest high-grade materials such as Denier polyester, nylon, or ripstop nylon for maximum durability and wear-resistance. Although Kanken Mini Graphite is mini size, it stores more compactly and efficiently due to their lightweight construction. This article will take a closer look at this exciting new kid’s backpack.

Kanken: Ideal for Young Children

The Peach Pink is an ideal companion for young children. It can be carried over their shoulders, placed under their arms, or even placed on their hips. Being a backpack, it has a flat surface on one end that is compatible with straps. The backpacker places their small items, such as toys, books, and candy, on top of the backpack and tucks them inside. Many children have carried their personal stuff around in the back pack for years without any problems. Moreover, kids can attach small items to the backpack to make an aesthetic Kanken backpack.

Kanken Kids Peach Pink
Peach Pink

Great Mobility

Unlike other backpacks, the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack for kids offers great mobility for children. The front of the bag has handles so parents can easily lift up the backpack and move it around. It is much lighter than many traditional backpacks and is easier for parents to carry around. While it does come with a strap for hanging, it is also a perfect place for parents to leave their child or children when out and about.

A Perfect Travel Companion

Because it is a mini size backpack, it is easy for kids to fit in and out of it. Many parents like to take their children along with them on trips to ensure they have transportation while they are visiting new places. This makes Kanken Mini Navy a perfect travel companion. It can be carried over the shoulders or attached to the hips. Most of its straps use nylon material, allowing it to be durable without discomfort.

Kanken Mini Fog

Durable and Functional

Parents love this item because it is durable, functional, and comfortable. It has a nylon lining and even has padding on the inside of the backpack to cushion the child’s delicate items. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to make it more or less bulky depending on the weight you are carrying. Some models even have an included shoe compartment for kids to wear while they are traveling.

Kanken: Parents’ Choice

Even though it may seem expensive, most parents find that it is well worth the money. It is a practical item that can help kids be more responsible when carrying items such as bikes, skis, and other outdoor gear. is a great item that makes carrying all these items easier for parents. When they see how useful it is, they will want to buy one for themselves as well.